Sustainable Agriculture Research for International Development (SARID)


This media briefing provides details of the 12 grants awarded to projects under the SARID programme. The projects will utilise cutting edge technologies to develop sustainable agriculture solutions for farmers and communities in the developing world. The newly funded projects are collaborations between UK scientists and scientists from institutions and Universities across Africa, Asia and South America.

The grants were awarded to the following projects:

  • Saving staple foods from witchweed attack
  • Halting armyworm rampage with biological pesticide
  • Rice security for billions of people
  • Improving food security for 500M people
  • Breeding tolerant coconuts
  • Kale and cabbages to beat black rot
  • Putting more sweet potato on the table in Africa
  • Fighting nematode worms with fungus
  • Reducing arsenic levels in rice
  • More bananas for Africa
  • Defeating the witchweed famine threat
  • New strain of wheat disease threatens African crops


16 pp.

Sustainable Agriculture Research for International Development (SARID)

Published 1 January 2008