Surinam Country Study


This case study begins with an introduction and then contains chapters as follows: Surinam and the Surinamese community in the Netherlands, transnational family relations and informal remittances, volume and value of informal remittances, ways of sending remittances, remittances and the mitigation of poverty in Surinam, NGO assistance and collective remittances and finally, conclusions.

This study presents an overview of the informal remittances of Surinamese immigrants in the Netherlands to their country of origin, Surinam, a former Dutch colony in the Caribbean. The data available on remittances are scarce and often fragmentary, which also sets the limits of this study. Nevertheless, the data used here have been selected so as to include the most important studies on the subject.
In some sections the data from different sources or surveys are given separately - each presenting its own perspective. Before turning to a discussion of informal remittances, a short introduction is given on Surinam and the Surinamese community in The Netherlands.


Surinam Country Study, ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), Oxford, UK, i + 13 pp.

Surinam Country Study

Published 1 January 2005