Surfacing Alternatives for Unsealed Rural Roads


The report covers four main areas including:

  • A summary of international experience in maintaining unsealed roads. The emphasis is placed on the critical factors in selecting an appropriate surfacing option for different situations
  • Case studies are summarised to give an indication of the performance of different technologies. The applicability of each option is discussed for given circumstances. The case studies discussed include performance studies of unsealed roads, case studies of dust palliatives and a summary of some alternative surfacing technologies
  • The results of a questionnaire which was developed to ascertain common practice and the factors considered during the surfacing options selection process
  • Based on the input of the previous points, a decision framework was developed that assists the reader in selecting the most appropriate surfacing according to a range of factors and circumstances

The outcome of this report will assist in the decision making for the most appropriate surfacing selection, given a range of issues and constraints. An 8-page summary is also published as TRN-33.


World Bank, Washington D.C., USA. 91 pp.

Surfacing Alternatives for Unsealed Rural Roads

Published 1 January 2005