Supporting Entrepreneurship Education in East Africa

The research includes a literature review, desk research and 3 case study from Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan


The capacity of business schools and other institutions to support entrepreneurship through development of entrepreneurship education in East Africa was examined in this research project. The research was carried out in 3 phases: A literature review and desk research on entrepreneurship education and training in 3 case study countries: Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan; Semi- structured Interviews with 61 stakeholders and a survey of 420 stakeholders in the three case study countries which explored perceptions of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education and training; and A workshop which further refined insights from the interviews and survey.

The Report includes the following sections: Section 1: Introduction; Section 2: Analytical Framework; Section 3: Research Findings; and Section 4: Recommendations for Capacity Building and Next Steps.

The need for experiential learning opportunities and mentoring, combined with relative disinterest in pursuing self-employment and entrepreneurship as a chosen career path, means that significant levels of training and capacity building, supplemented by processes of behavioural and social change, will need to be explored if ‘systemic entrepreneurship’ is to be realised in East Africa.


Kaijage, E.; Wheeler, D. Supporting Entrepreneurship Education in East Africa. (2013) 65 pp.

Supporting Entrepreneurship Education in East Africa

Published 1 January 2013