Supplemental dietary inulin affects the bioavailability of iron in corn and soybean meal to young pigs.


Iron deficiency represents one of the most common global nutritional disorders in humans. Our objective was to determine whether and how supplemental inulin improved utilization of iron intrinsically present in a corn and soybean meal diet by young pigs for hemoglobin repletion. In Expt. 1, 3 groups (n = 8/group) of pigs were fed a corn and soybean meal-based diet (BD, without inorganic iron addition) or BD + 2 or 4% inulin (Synergy 1: a mixture of oligofructose and long-chain inulin HP, Orafti) for 5 wk. Final blood hemoglobin concentrations and the overall hemoglobin repletion efficiency of pigs were positively (r = 0.55 and 0.69, P


Journal of Nutrition (2006) 136 (12) 3033-3038

Published 1 January 2006