State-Building, Nation-Building, and Reconstruction


This chapter explores a new kind of interventionism in the post-Cold War era and the challenges faced by global actors in the reconstruction of domestic political authority in the aftermath of conflict. The chapter reflects on the meanings and implications of different facets of comprehensive external involvement in state-building, nation-building, and reconstruction, before addressing the theoretical framings of international intervention in terms of (post)liberal peace and its critique. What follows is a review and discussion of dilemmas and contradictions inherent in the outsiders' project to pursue liberal peace-based interventions by focusing on sovereignty, legitimacy, ownership, and accountability. The chapter turns to hybridity as an alternative conceptualization of international peacebuilding and concludes with the policy implications on rethinking wholesale reconstruction of state and society by external actors.


Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, V.; Kostovicova, D.; Rampton, D. State-Building, Nation-Building, and Reconstruction. In: The Handbook of Global Security Policy (Edited by Kaldor, M.; Rangelov, I.). Wiley Blackwell, Oxford, UK (2014) 265-281. ISBN 9780470673225 [DOI: 10.1002/9781118442975.ch15]

State-Building, Nation-Building, and Reconstruction

Published 1 January 2014