Special journal issue on structural drivers


Published with STRIVE support, this special issue raises key debates ahead of the 2012 International AIDS Conference. Tackling the structural drivers of HIV: is this a luxury add-on or essential for successful interventions? Papers present evidence of the need to understand and address the factors that create and deepen HIV risk.

In the context of declining resources for HIV/AIDS, the papers speak to the need to integrate responses to the structural drivers of HIV/AIDS into future HIV investments, with both initiatives to integrate HIV into broader gender and development initiatives, as well as adaptations of current service models, to ensure that they are sensitive to and able to respond to the broader economic and social responsibilities that their clients face.


Watts, C.; Kippax, S.; Curno, M.J. (Editors) Special journal issue on structural drivers. Journal of the International AIDS Society (2012) 15 (Supplement 1)

Special journal issue on structural drivers

Published 1 January 2012