Special Edition on Harvard Forum II Essays

This forum discussed ICTs, human development, growth, and poverty reduction


This special edition contains reports from the Harvard Forum II, a two-day event held September 2009 at Harvard University. The Forum assembled a prominent group of thinkers and practitioners from around the globe, including Nobel laureates Amartya Sen and Michael Spence, to discuss the theme ICTs, Human Development, Growth, and Poverty Reduction.

Most of the edition is devoted to updates of short papers that were submitted by the participants prior to the Forum. The edition’s overall aim is to expose the readership to a range of perspectives—including nascent ideas—from both scholars and practitioners, in order to provoke reflection and new research that will affect the future course of the field.


Coward, C.T.; Smith, M.L.; Spence, R. (Editors) Special Edition on Harvard Forum II Essays. Information Technologies and International Development (2010) 6 (Special Issue) vii + 106 pp.

Special Edition on Harvard Forum II Essays

Published 1 January 2010