Source book for sustainable flood mitigation strategies.


The purpose of this Source Book is to act as a reference document for methods by which the impact of flooding can be reduced. The material in the Source Book is aimed at organisations involved with water management, as well as people working in disaster management in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). However, much of the information is pertinent throughout the rest of the world. The Source Book contains a number of case studies that demonstrate appropriate solutions and measures that can be taken at a range of institutional levels.

The book includes an introductory chapter, followed by the chapter headings: Raising flood awareness (detailing methods by which people can be made aware of flooding risk); Flood forecasting and warning; Flood preparedness measures (methods by which organisations and people can prepare in advance for flooding); Flood response; Post flood recovery; Checklists for awareness, forecasting and warning, preparedness measures, response and recovery; and References.


Wallingford, UK: HR Wallingford, 126 pp. Available in English and Portugese.

Published 1 January 2005