Social Development Review


This second Social Development Review aims to review, recommend and revise as appropriate, the CLP social interventions, and work with the CLP team to recommend and agree changes and improvements. The priority projects for review are “non-core” Social Development Group Discussions, i.e. those including specific discussion groups: adolescent boys and girls; young married couples; men’s inclusion in livelihoods training; and other elements e.g. hygiene, nutrition, drinking water, etc. throughout CLP1. The review includes an assessment of the topics and methodology, and recommendations for changes and improvements in the curriculum and / or approach. The other focus of the review is the Village Development Committees and their role, function and potential to represent and act in the interests of the community and its numerous vulnerable residents. Recommendations are called for on further development and support for VDCs, and sustainable institution building at the char or Union Parishad level. In addition to building sustainable local institutions, the review is expected to provide suggestions for improved inclusion, empowerment, and gender equity as it apply to different groups (including women, men, boys, adolescent girls, etc.).


Premchander, S. Social Development Review. (2012) 68 pp.

Social Development Review

Published 1 January 2012