Social and Institutional Appraisal.


The recent conflict in Sierra Leone saw the disappearance of most state services and local government structures from rural areas. This report considers the historical legacies of law and justice administration and the current complexity of Safety, Security and Access to Justice (SSAJ) provision. Cultural factors, conflict and social change, and competing pathways to justice are discussed. It is concluded that post-war Sierra Leone is full of complex and changing social currents. Some people are seeking a return to old ways, while others are embracing modernity and individualism. A common denominator, however, is the gulf between the educated urban elite and the rural masses. Developing a SSAJ system that serves all Sierra Leoneans equally and impartially remains an enormous challenge.


Social and Institutional Appraisal. (2004) 10 pp.

Social and Institutional Appraisal.

Published 1 January 2004