Small-scale finance for water and sanitation


This report identifies ways in which governments and External Support Agencies can increase access to finance for small-scale WATSAN providers, by channelling public funding to support the market and leverage private sector financing. The ultimate objective in doing so is to increase access to services for poor households, who either invest in the services themselves or rely on small-scale providers.

The report is a joint publication of SHARE and the EU Water Initiative - Finance Working Group. Much of the original material was gathered in the context of research in India and Tanzania funded by DFID through the SHARE research consortium as well as WaterAid Tanzania. The case studies were carried out jointly by Sophie Trémolet and members of the MicroSave team.


Trémolet, S. Small-scale finance for water and sanitation. (2012) 72 pp.

Small-scale finance for water and sanitation

Published 1 January 2012