Shrimp Management, Final Technical Report.


The main aims of the project were to develop a bio-economic model of tropical shrimp fisheries that takes account of (a) the different types of capture fishery and of collections for aquaculture, and (b) the market responses to changes in demand and supply of shrimp from the capture fisheries and aquaculture. This final report is summarizes the results obtained, and is presented in two sections. The first describes the bio-economic model in non-technical terms, and illustrates some of its properties. The second section summarizes the review of production and price trends, and the analysis of the short data sets obtained for part of the US market for which disaggregated data by size were obtained. The full review of production and price trends is appended to the Final Report.


Fisheries Management Science Programme, Overseas Development Administration, London, UK

Published 1 January 1993