Sexuality and Power


Sexuality is an important aspect of who we are as human beings. It is also a site of power and control. In order to document understandings of sexuality and rights in an urban milieu in Bangladesh, the Centre for Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS (CGSH) at the James P Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH), BRAC University, in conjunction with the DFID funded Realising Rights Research Programme Consortium recently conducted an exploratory study among public university students, garment factory workers, and sexual and gender non-conforming persons (such as hijras, MSM and self-identified gay and lesbians). Staff or activists from organizations working on sexuality rights and VAW (violence against women) issues were also consulted. Among other things, the study found that sexual practices and acts are not necessarily linked with social identities. As long as they do not rupture the public-private divide or threaten procreative heterosexual marriage, a range of sexual behaviour is permissible, especially for men.


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Sexuality and Power

Published 1 January 2010