Selection of sorghum hybrids grown under aluminum saturation


The purpose of this study was to evaluate 165 hybrids derived from lines previously selected for aluminum (Al) tolerance. Nine check cultivars were used, eight commercial hybrids and one experimental hybrid. Hybrids were evaluated at three levels of Al saturation (0, 20 and 40% on average). The differences between the environments were significant. Environment with 0% Al saturation yielded 29.5% more than that with 40% Al saturation, showing the importance of genotype selection for acid soils. The best check cultivar was the hybrid DKB550. The hybrids AG1020 and AG1040 also performed well, where the latter was more tolerant but the former more responsive to environment improvement. The hybrid BRS304 was susceptible to high levels of Al saturation. The three commercial BRS hybrids (BRS310, BRS330 and BRS332) performed better than BRS304 at high Al saturation. The hybrid BRS330 was the best BRS hybrid to grow on a field with high Al saturation. The hybrid DKB559 performed well at high Al saturation but did not respond to environment improvement. The hybrids 727029, 727039, 729041, 729095, 729109, AG1040, and DKB550 were tolerant to higher levels of Al saturation and responsive to environment improvement, and showed good stability and adaptability at both low and high Al saturation.


Menezes, C.B.; Carvalho Junior, G.A.; Silva, L.A.; Bernardino, K.C.; Magalhães, J.V.; Guimarães, C.T.; Guimarães, L.J.M.; Schaffert, R.E. Selection of sorghum hybrids grown under aluminum saturation. Genetics and Molecular Research (2014) 13 (3) 5964-5973. [DOI: 10.4238/2014.August.7.12]

Selection of sorghum hybrids grown under aluminum saturation

Published 1 January 2014