SEACAP 8. Low-cost rural road surfacing: Final Report.


This report is the Final Document for Phase 2 of the Low Cost Road Surfacing (LCS) initiative implemented as SEACAP 8. The first phase of the Pouk Low Cost Surfacing (LCS) Trials in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia was completed in September 2002 utilising DFID funding provided under the EngKaR programme (KaR7782). The work was carried out, using local resource based approaches with the aim of demonstrating techniques that optimize the use of local labour and materials. An objective was to trial more sustainable rural road surfacing alternatives to problematic gravel/laterite, in view of the widespread scarcity of good gravel materials in Cambodia, long gravel haul distances, high rates of gravel losses from road surfaces and problems of funding and achieving maintenance of gravel roads.

Problems with a number of the trial pavements emerged in 2004. SEACAP 8 analyzed the cause and extent of the problems and carried out the rehabilitation and repair of the trials. This report details lessons learned after three and a half years of monitoring after initial trial construction was completed in September 2002. The report incorporates a Maintenance Strategy and Whole Life Cost Monitoring of the Trials. Volume 2 includes recommended specifications.


Intech Associates; TRL. SEACAP 8. Low-cost rural road surfacing: Final Report. (2006) 52 pp.

Published 1 January 2006