SEACAP 6. MRD Strategic Plan for Rural Roads.


The contents of this document are designed to provide a secure basis on which the Ministry of Rural Development can strengthen its capability to plan, design, maintain and manage rural roads in a sustainable way; and the Royal Government of Cambodia and donors can determine appropriate and complementary funding and other support for the sub-sector.

The overall objective of this strategic plan is to contribute to:

Improve social and economic conditions of rural Cambodia, with an emphasis on improving the livelihoods of the rural poor and creating livelihood opportunities for women in rural areas, through the sustainable improvement and maintenance of rural roads.

Four categories of issues have been identified as critical to the achievement of this objective: programming and planning issues (which set the framework); financing issues (based on requirements and estimates of the resources likely to be available); sustainability issues (addressing technical and practical issues in the development and maintenance of rural roads); and institutional issues (institutional strengthening and human resource development). Strategic options have been developed for resolving each of the various issues identified in these four categories. This is followed by an action plan for implementing the chosen options, which includes a time frame and the identification of the responsible parties, including areas where donor assistance is required.


98 pp.

SEACAP 6. MRD Strategic Plan for Rural Roads.

Published 1 January 2007