SEACAP 30: Rural Transport Project 3 (RT3), Trials Preparation. Final Report.


The development objective of the SEACAP 30 project is to reduce travel costs and improve access to markets, off-farm economic opportunities, and social services for poor rural communities in the 33 participating provinces in Northern and Central Vietnam. The MoT requested SEACAP to continue the RRSR in RT3, carrying out research in new provinces that were not included in RT2. The objective of this project was to determine cost effective surfacing and paving technology options for the selected provinces in RT3.

The aim of this document is to present a concise summary of the SEACAP 30 programme and its related extensions as follows:

SEACAP 30: This was the main SC30 contract concerned with the research and preparation of trial designs for the RRST-III programme.

SEACAP 30.2: This was concerned with the gathering and analysis of site data for trials design. It was split between ITST and TRL-OtB. The former undertook the geotechnical surveys of the selected roads for the trials whilst TRL-OtB supplied guidance and QA.

SEACAP 30.3: This was essentially an enabling contract to allow funding to be made available to the RRST-III provinces fully participating in the programme for road surveys and document preparation as per RT3 Guidelines.

In particular, this document highlights: The work undertaken in relation to the stated objectives; Key technical outcomes from the programme; and Recommendations on the way forward.


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SEACAP 30: Rural Transport Project 3 (RT3), Trials Preparation. Final Report.

Published 1 January 2009