SEACAP 22. Time and Distance Study. Final Report: Vietnam.


This project aims at improving the quality of statistical data for travel indicators and at developing a technical guidance note on the relative and absolute reliability and accuracy of time and distance reports. The surveys were carried out in the participating SEACAP countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

The objectives of this Study are to improve the rural transport statistical analysis methods through a direct interview approach with the participation of local people to:

(i) analyze and assess the travelling pattern of the rural people, and
(ii) review the reliability of the data.

A sample of Six communes was selected to be included in this new survey methodology. These were 2 communes of Son La province (being representative of the mountainous terrain), 2 communes of Thanh Hoa province (being representative of the plains terrain) and 2 communes of An Giang province (being representative of the delta terrain). On average, 100 households were interviewed in each commune. The data obtained through the household surveys were processed to analyze the travelling patterns of the commune populations with respect to the travelled times (t) and distances (d) and the used transport mode (pedestrian, bicycle, motorbike etc.), trip frequencies (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually), as well as the trip purposes (for cash earning purposes, for maintaining social relations, to schools etc.), as well as the travelled speeds.


Hanoi, Vietnam: Transport Development & Strategy Institute, 51 pp.

SEACAP 22. Time and Distance Study. Final Report: Vietnam.

Published 1 January 2006