Scoping Study for Water & Sanitation Research-into-Use Programme


This Scoping Study stems from an aim to develop a ‘research-into-use’ programme that will operate in support of country governments, donor partners, civil society and research and development stakeholders to help achieve the MDGs in Water and Sanitation, for the support of economic growth'.

The Scoping Study was carried out in two phases. In the first phase, activities included reviewing current literature on research into use, consulting with stakeholders in water and sanitation and water and sanitation research and mapping of current and planned RIU activities being undertaken in this field. A draft Scoping Report was then prepared to present a range of possible modalities for implementation of a water and sanitation RIU Programme. In the second phase, based on the recommendations of the draft RIU Scoping and the outcome of discussions with DFID, the proposed RIU programme was combined with the proposed Sanitation Research Programme. The RIU Scoping Study Report was finalised and a programme document for the Sanitation and Hygiene Research Programme was prepared with an RIU component.

This Scoping Study Report was prepared to describe the findings of the first phase of consultations, literature review, and identification of the scope and modalities of the RIU water and sanitation Programme. It also reflects the outcomes and decisions made with DFID during discussion of the Draft Scoping Study. There are five sections: an introduction followed by a literature review, a description of the Consultation with stakeholders, a discussion of the key findings from literature review and consultation and a final section on recommendations.


Hove, UK; ITAD Water. 67 pp.

Scoping Study for Water & Sanitation Research-into-Use Programme

Published 1 January 2009