Scoping Paper on Industry in Senegal


Senegal is a typical sub-Saharan economy, which conducted an import substitution policy over 1960-86, followed by a policy of support for the private sector and liberalization of the economy. It suffers from a low level of economic development, hindering the process of economic diversification, and translating into an over-concentration of its exports and production. Through a careful analysis of the main advantages and drawbacks of the Senegalese economy, this scoping paper emphasizes the key obstacles to unleashing prosperity in the country: electricity supply and quality, and the educational system.


Cissé, F.; Choi, J.E.; Maurel, M. Scoping Paper on Industry in Senegal. UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland (2014) 57 pp. [WIDER Working Paper No. 2014/157]

Scoping Paper on Industry in Senegal

Published 1 January 2014