Sclerocarya birrea: a monograph


This monograph of Sclerocarya birrea present an assessment, updates and expansion which cover the whole of its vast natural range, and covering its emerging commercial potential that is making the tree significant far beyond the local communities which have used and conserved it into present times. Topics include the importance, ecology, biology, food security and nutrition, emerging products and potential markets, medicinal and traditional non-wood uses, wood gum and leaf fodder, propagation and management, conservation, policy and future prospects of S. birrea.


Sclerocarya birrea: a monograph. School of Agricultural and Forest Sciences Publication number 19, University of Wales. Bangor, UK, ISBN:1 84220 049 6. ISSN:0962-7766, 157 pp.

Sclerocarya birrea: a monograph

Published 1 January 2002