School-related violence

This paper examines preventing violence, safe inclusive schools, cyber bullying and gender-based violence


Violence against children is a global problem. It includes physical violence, psychological violence such as insults and humiliation, discrimination, neglect and maltreatment. It has short- and long-term repercussions that are often grave and damaging for children. Bullying, gender-based violence, accidental violence, discrimination and violence, sexual assault or harassment, physical violence and psychological violence, describe some of the most prevalent forms of school-based violence.

The evidence base on school-related violence must be improved to inform policies. To assess the evidence that does exist, this helpdesk report presents a non-systematic review of the evidence on school-related violence. It is based on the evidence found through a rapid internet search and through consultation with experts in this field. The report is broken down into 4 sections: reducing and preventing school-related violence; safe, inclusive and violence-free schools; cyber bullying; and school-related gender-based violence.

K4D helpdesk reports provide summaries of current research, evidence and lessons learned. This report was commissioned by the UK Department for International Development


Thompson, S. (2016). School-related violence. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.

School-related violence

Published 21 October 2016