Schistosomiasis host snail control in irrigation night storage reservoirs


The report describes two biological methods of snail control which have been evaluated under laboratory and controlled field conditions:

  • The introduction of competitor snails

  • The introduction of two species of fish, one to reduce aquatic vegetation and the other to predate snails.

At the time of completing the study the methods had not evaluated on a wider field scale

The report provides an introduction to schistosomiasis and explains how irrigation schemes can create habitats suitable for aquatic snails.

In addition to the evaluation of biological control, summary information is included on the control of schistosomiasis through environmental control of snails.

This includes design of channels to maintain high flow velocities, operation of channels and reservoirs to ensure fluctuation of the water level and periods of desiccation.

The conclusions of the preliminary trials of the biological control methods - snail competition and the use of selected fish species - indicate that the methods may be complimentary and further investigation is justified. However, both methods would require some modification to the routine operation and management of a scheme to maximise their effectiveness.


Schistosomiasis host snail control in irrigation night storage reservoirs

Published 1 January 1997