Scaling-up for pilot research experiences - A comparative review.


This document represents the final report of project R7865, 'Scaling-up for pilot research experiences - A comparative review', which aimed to identify appropriate strategies to accelerate uptake of innovations by target farmers and to provide a framework to guide the formulation of scaling-up processes of innovation facilitation. The review methodology included analysis of the key literature, an electronic discussion, a mid-term workshop with various stakeholders (researchers, NGOs) from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe and a detailed case study analysis.

Agreement exists that scaling-up is about creating sustained poverty alleviation and increasing local capacity for innovation on larger scales. The review and case studies showed that there are no simple rules to achieving scaling-up. Attempts focus either on geographical and quantitative dimensions of scaling-up, or on institutional processes. These two are not mutually independent pathways, but synergistic and overlapping. A central finding is that research has to be integrated within wider pro-poor development processes.

While no blueprint methods for scaling-up can be found, the report concludes from case studies and wider experiences that creating an impact from research results has in the past focused heavily on the \"post-project\" stage, meanwhile many of the key strategies which have been identified as prerequisites for successful scaling-up need to be addressed more extensively in the pre-project and implementation phase.

As a response to this major shortcoming a strategic review framework was developed which places its main emphasis on the preparatory and implementation stages of research projects. Finally conclusions and recommendations for the implementation of the framework were developed.


Guendel, S. 2001. Scaling-up for pilot research experiences - A comparative review. Final Technical Report for project R7865. Chatham: Natural Resources Institute, UK, 12 pp.

Scaling-up for pilot research experiences - A comparative review.

Published 1 January 2001