Rural transport service indicators: Final Report


Adequate public transport services are vital for rural communities. This paper reports lessons and recommendations from a 12‐month project to develop indicators to 'measure' how transport services were meeting the access needs of rural people. The Rural Transport Services Indicators (RTSi) project was funded by AFCAP and implemented by an IFRTD team. In Phase 1 (Apr‐Sep 2012), a methodology to acquire the data for indicator statistics was developed and tested on six roads in Tanzania and Kenya. In Phase 2 (Oct 2012 to Mar 2013), the questions and analysis systems were revised and tested on roads in Tanzania, Kenya and Cameroon. All indicator statistics are linked to specific roads. Road‐based transport services indicators are relevant to the users, operators, regulators and development projects and such indicators could be used to appraise and evaluate road investments.


Starkey, P.; Njenga, P.; Kemtsop, G.; Willilo, S.; Opiyo, R.; Hine, J. Rural transport service indicators: Final Report. (2013) 81 pp.

Rural transport service indicators: Final Report

Published 1 January 2013