Rural Transport Diagnostics Study in Ghana - Inception Report

This study will examine the rural transport system, assessing the needs of users, operators, regulators and stakeholders


The overall objective of this study is to better understand the existing rural transport systems in Ghana based on an assessment of the needs and perspectives of different transport users, transport operators, transport regulators and other transport stakeholders in rural communities. Identifying constraining factors and good practice in Ghana’s rural transport services, allows for evidence-based policy suggestions.

This inception report provides the overall framework for the study. It highlights the project background, use of the rapid rural appraisal methodology and the criteria for the selection of the surveyed roads in the 3 ecological zones of Ghana. A detailed implementation plan is also provided to guide the stakeholders of the project.

This output is part of the Applied Research on Rural Roads and Transport Services through Community Access Programmes in Africa and Asia (AFCAP2 and AsCAP)


Afukaar, F.; Peters, K. (2017). Rural transport diagnostics study in Ghana - Inception Report. London: ReCAP for DFID.

Rural Transport Diagnostics Study in Ghana - Inception Report

Published 13 March 2017