Road transport investment model RTIM3.


To simplify the economic appraisal of road investments in developing countries, a new version of the Road Transport Investment Model (RTIM) has been issued by the Overseas Centre of the Transport Research Laboratory. The model consists of a series of linked compiled spreadsheets that take the user through the stages of an economic appraisal. It is easy to use and offers context-sensitive help facilities, data checking on input, and tabular and graphical outputs. The model runs quickly and easily on a small personal

computer. Two examples of its use in Tanzania are described.


Sixth International Conference on Low Volume Roads, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 25-29 June, 1995. Transportation Research Record, Volume 1. Washington DC: Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, 187-190. TRL - Crowthorne, UK. pp. 6

Road transport investment model RTIM3.

Published 1 January 1995