River and Floodplain Fisheries in the Ganges Basin, Final Technical Report.


The scientific and technical objectives of the project were as follows: 1. To compile and review catch data from the Ganges Basin in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. 2. To compile a hydrological picture from recent hydrological records in the Ganges Basin. 3. To construct a current overview of recent hydrological changes, fisheries development and the status of the fish stocks throughout the Ganges Basin. 4. To produce a \"snapshot\" of annual events throughout the entire basin over a two year period, with respect to hydrology, fishing activity and fish communities. 5. From detailed observations at selected sites in the upper, middle and lower regions, to obtain details of the population parameters, state of expoloitation and natural characteristics of the fish stocks. 6. To incorporate these observations into a dynamic model for management of floodplain fish stocks; and 7, to make recommendations for fisheries management and estimates of fisheries benefits for the Ganges in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. This document summarises the findings of all the collaborative work and provides a view of the most important deterministic factors influencing fisheries at the present time, together with a way of using these to predict production from the fisheries.


Fisheries Science Management Programme, Overseas Development Administration, London, UK, 154 pp.

Published 1 January 1996