RIU Sierra Leone country strategy


The RIU Sierra Leone strategy will address information and knowledge flows as a principle driver and means to enhance performance of the Innovation System as a whole. It will do so by supporting institutional developments to ‘make the market’ for knowledge. It will focus in particular on the intermediary function, i.e. those actors operating within or with influence upon the rural service economy, whose interactions with each other and with other actors provide a conduit for knowledge linkages and flows. Its operational mechanism will be to support the emergence of gap‐filling ‘knowledge market services’ as a ‘smart subsidy’ mechanism to facilitate these interactions, focusing on critical areas where the existing system is currently weak.

This document sets out the rationale and basis for the Sierra Leone RIU Country Strategy, bringing all previous and current strands of the Sierra Leone RIU Programme under a single strategic umbrella. Although this document stands alone as a Country Strategy, the intention is that the same document will be further developed into a full implementation Plan.


75 pp.

RIU Sierra Leone country strategy

Published 1 January 2008