RIU Malawi. Livestock Platform Baseline Study.


Livestock production is an integral part of agricultural production in Malawi. The livestock sector is typically a low-input-low-output management system with over half a million smallholder families. Higher outputs of livestock production are experienced by a relatively small number of large-scale intensive commercial livestock/poultry enterprises, most of which are located in the urban and periurban areas of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu cities. Intensive production enterprises include broiler and layer production, beef cattle feedlots and pig and dairy production. These form the major outlets for protein sources in Malawi.

This baseline document has the following objectives:

  •  to provide an understanding of the innovations context as it affects piggeries and dairies in Malawi.
  •  to assist the Livestock Platform of the MRIUP to assess its progress;
  •  to offer a basis for future evaluation of the livestock platform.


Goyder, H.; Mang’anya, M. RIU Malawi. Livestock Platform Baseline Study. (2009) 15 pp.

RIU Malawi. Livestock Platform Baseline Study.

Published 1 January 2009