RIU Malawi. Legumes Platform Baseline Study.


Legumes are extremely important crops for Malawi and are a vital supplement to the staple crop, maize. Therefore the original MRIU Country Strategy document proposed that the MRIUP should include a number of ‘Seed platforms providing opportunity to improve seed systems and ensure greater use of improved varieties. Priority would be given to legume crops (groundnuts, beans and soybeans) with initial priority given to groundnuts. Platform members would include SMAGS, ASSMAG, seed companies and agri-input dealers as well as research organisations.’ A Legumes Platform was established at the start of the RIU Programme. This baseline document has the following objectives:

  • to provide an understanding of the innovations context as it affects legumes in Malawi.
  • to assist the Legumes Platform of the MRIUP to assess its progress;
  • to offer a basis for future evaluation of the platform.

This document is a synthesis that draws heavily on the RIU Country Assessment and later reports listed in Appendix 1.


Goyder, H.; Mang’anya, M. RIU Malawi. Legumes Platform Baseline Study. (2009) 13 pp.

RIU Malawi. Legumes Platform Baseline Study.

Published 1 January 2009