RIU Malawi annual report 2008-2009.


The Malawi RIU strategic objective is to identify, facilitate and provide support to key stakeholders seeking to ensure that research outputs are put into use. The primary engagement in this first year was to put the systems in place that can enhance demand for research outputs. In this regard, five commodity platforms have been established and are functional. The innovation platforms currently in operation in Malawi are: Legumes platform, Fish farming platform, Livestock platform, Horticulture platform and Cotton platform. So far, the platforms have developed project proposals in response to the prioritized challenges where various RNRRS and other research outputs will be put into use towards unblocking the challenges.


Nobel Moyo; Mang’anya, M. RIU Malawi annual report 2008-2009. (2009) 13 pp.

RIU Malawi annual report 2008-2009.

Published 1 January 2009