Risks of species introductions in tropical forestry


Tropical tree seed has been moved around the globe on an unprecedented scale over the last three decades. The benefits and risks associated with introductions of tropical trees are reviewed. The current approach to species introductions in forestry is summarized and the marked lack of procedures covering movement of tropical tree germplasm discussed in relation to policies covering biocontrol agents and transgenic plants. General principles and specific guidelines that might be used to formulate a more rational approach to forestry introductions are presented and the problems involved in the assessment of risks associated with introductions pointed out. A more cautious approach to species introductions is advocated and the importance of species choice and the advantages and limitations of native and exotic species and seedless varieties are discussed.


Commonwealth Forestry Review (1994) 73 (4) 243-252.

Risks of species introductions in tropical forestry

Published 1 January 1994