Review - Participation in Integrated Floodplain Management in Bangladesh


The purpose of this review was to highlight the role played by the participatory process in IFM initiatives in different contexts. As may be expected, there are often discrepancies between project proscribed mechanisms, their intended role and purpose, and the situation that unfolds at the ground in reality. For this reason, the review complements feedback from project-level interviews and literature with additional observations compiled during process documentation.

Section 1 discusses the role of participation in the nine case study projects and local initiatives analysed for process documentation. The discussion approaches the case studies as representative of three distinct types; GO-facilitated initiatives by DoF and BWDB, NGO-facilitated initiatives by BCAS and MACH and autonomous, locally-facilitated and autonomous initiatives. Section 2 outlines a framework to describe the participation process and develops a simple typology of the various approaches/objectives of the case studies.


Lewins, R. and Robens, S. 2004. Participation in Bangladesh. Hove, East Sussex: ITAD Ltd. 16 pp.

Review - Participation in Integrated Floodplain Management in Bangladesh

Published 1 January 2004