Review of the Status of Aquaculture Genetics


Genetic intervention has been used to enhance animal and plant agriculture production for many years. These techniques are now being applied to aquatic animals in an effort to overcome many different production challenges. As with agriculture, however, such advances are coming under increased scrutiny, thus the challenge facing geneticists and aquaculturists alike, is deciding which strategies are necessary, beneficial and acceptable in terms of social and environmental safety. Aquaculture genetics shows immense potential for enhancing production in a way that meets aquaculture development goals for the new millennium. This review covers the progress made to date, discusses the questions which need focussed research to answer and summarizes the areas where genetic knowledge can make a positive difference to aquaculture sustainability.


Dunham, R.A.; Majumdar, K.; Hallerman, E.; Bartley, D.; Mair, G.C.; Hulata, G.; Liu, Z.; Pongthana, N.; Bakos, J.; Penman, D.J.; Gupta, M.; Rothlisberg, P.; Hoerstgen-Schwark, G. Review of the Status of Aquaculture Genetics. In: Subasinghe, R.P.; Bueno, P.; Phillips, M.J.; Hough, C.; McGladdery, S.E.; Arthur, J.R. (Eds.), Aquaculture in the Third Millennium. (2001) 137-166. [Technical Proceedings of the Conference on Aquaculture in the Third Millennium, Bangkok, Thailand, 20–25 February 2000.]

Review of the Status of Aquaculture Genetics

Published 1 January 2001