Return Migration and Entrepreneurship in Morocco


This paper contributes to the rapidly growing literature concerned with the potentially substantial implications of international migration for economic development in developing countries. The authors use a survey of return Moroccan migrants in 2003 - 2004 to explore the pattern of return migration and entrepreneurial activities of return migrants. They examine the determinants of entrepreneurial behavior among return migrants in Morocco, controlling for the potential endogeneity of the migration duration. Their findings suggest that individual characteristics and conditions before migration matter for entrepreneurship. They also consider the potential endogenous impact of having invested overseas on the entrepreneurial behavior upon return. They found that overseas migration experience plays a significant role beyond the role played by savings and captured by migration duration.


Hamdouch, B.; Wahba, J. Return migration and entrepreneurship in Morocco. Middle East Development Journal (2015) 7 (2) 129-148. [DOI: 10.1080/17938120.2015.1072696]

Return Migration and Entrepreneurship in Morocco

Published 1 January 2015