Results of the pre-testing of the Adaptive Learning Guidelines.


This document contains details of the pre-testing of the adaptive learning guidelines developed in the Fisheries Science Management Programme (FMSP) project R7335. These guidelines have been refined and improved through the FMSP R8292 \"Uptake of Adaptive Learning approaches for enhancement fisheries\" project. The report outlines the background to the development of the guidelines, provides details of the pre-testing methods and describes how the guidelines were improved on the basis of stakeholder suggestions and review.
Initial findings during the development of the project communications strategy indicated that, for the target stakeholders, the guidelines should be made available as both written materials and electronically via a website. Pre-testing of the existing guidelines was undertaken using a standardized questionnaire completed by various target stakeholders. This has provided initial feedback on the legibility, readability, level of comprehension and appearance of the guidelines. A critical review of guidelines content has also been undertaken by the original authors and key stakeholders to identify improvements making them more accessible and, ultimately, of more use to the target stakeholders.
This report details the findings from all these pre-testing activities and details the changes that were made to the guidelines as a result.


Marine Resources Assessment Group Ltd, London, UK, 19 pp.

Published 1 January 2005