Resource pack: Drivers of chronic poverty policy processes


This series of guidance sheets aims to lend clarity to what drives the chronic poverty policy process in particular, although the broader approach could easily be adapted to other social and economic policy issue areas. The focus on chronic poverty was selected because although there has been some recognition of this issue by policymakers in some regions, others continue to lag behind. However, a broad and systematic analysis of the causes of this increased recognition (or lack thereof) has not been forthcoming and is hence the subject of the guidance sheets.

Documents attached are:

1 Overview (PDF 992.1 KB)
2 Summary and implications sheet (PDF 1553.0 KB)
3 Guidance sheet 1: Context (PDF 739.6 KB)
4 Guidance sheet 2: Actors/linkages (PDF 534.5 KB)
5 Guidance sheet 2: Evidence (PDF 593.9 KB)


Published 1 January 2010