Researching our Experience. A collection of writings by teachers from: Chitulika School, Kabale Basic School, Mpika Basic School, Musakanya Basic School, Nyanji Middle Basic School, Mpika, Zambia


This publication contains almost 30 accounts written by ordinary teachers in Mpika Zambia. The teachers have participated in a two-year action research project, aimed at helping teachers, parents, pupils and other community members to analyse, reflect on and document their experiences of inclusion and exclusion in education, in order to work together to develop more inclusive practices in the future.

The accounts cover a range of issues, from the challenges posed by free primary education, to the participatory leadership and teaching methods used to implement inclusion for a range of marginalised children.

The accounts have undergone minimal editing and so offer a unique collection of writings through which the reader can experience the voices of ordinary teachers striving to bring about inclusion in their schools and communities.

A selection of the articles is also available in Spanish.


University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 75 pp.

Published 1 January 2003