Research Summary. Understanding accountability in Kenya

Barriers include lack of political will, tribalism, lack of citizen knowledge of the constitution and fear of politically motivated violence


A research summary presenting findings on public attitudes towards accountability in Kenya. Sema Kenya (Speak Kenya) is a BBC Media Action TV and radio programme that aims to provide a constructive platform for Kenyans both to voice their concerns about issues that affect them and to directly address their politicians and public officials. The programme is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through the Global Grant. Although the new 2010 Kenyan constitution emphasises the importance of accountability in governance, BBC Media Action research shows there is much more to be done if expectations around the constitution are to be met. Our research identified the following as barriers to accountability: lack of political will, inaccessibility of Kenya’s politicians, tribalism, lack of in-depth citizen knowledge of the constitution, political apathy and the fear of politically motivated violence.


BBC Media Action. Research Summary. Understanding accountability in Kenya. BBC Media Action, UK (2013) 2 pp.

Research Summary. Understanding accountability in Kenya

Published 1 January 2013