Research on Value Added Evaluation of School Effectiveness


To improve the evaluation methods for the school and student is the key countermeasure to promoting education quality. The research findings indicate that value added evaluation is generally regarded as a kind of effective and related measure supplied to evaluate the quality of Chinese education. This conclusion is similar with the research results of the other countries such as the UK. Secondly, among the existing Chinese school and teacher evaluation system, the concept of value added measures and its measuring methods have been regarded as a kind of comparatively scientific and popular evaluation method. Certainly, when applying any new evaluation system, we need to consider the local situations and the priorities. Whether value added measures can be within a public accountability framework to offer school effectiveness evaluation system a kind of most useful or suitable method, to offer school secretive feedback information, and to improve the capability of school self-evaluation and improvement, which is worthy of discussion.


Thomas, S.M.; Peng, WenJung; Tian, HuiSheng; Li, JianZhong; Ren, C.; Ma, X.Q. Research on Value Added Evaluation of School Effectiveness. Jiaoyu Yanjiu (2012) 33 (7) 29-35.

Research on Value Added Evaluation of School Effectiveness

Published 1 January 2012