Research-into-use. An Independent Review.


This report offers an independent review of the Research-into-Use (RIU) programme. RIU was established in 2006 with an inception period that lasted until June 2007. Following a Mid-term Review (MTR) in middle of 2009 there was a major restructuring and this new Review focuses mainly on the period after that and up to May 2011.

The purpose of the Review is to provide an independent analysis of the programme that focuses on actual and potential impact where it can, and especially on outcomes and outputs. It looks at some of the effects the interventions have had on institutions and systems so far and specifically asks:
(a) What has RIU delivered and what likely impacts can be foreseen? (b) What has been successful and why?

Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction to the programme and to the Review. Chapter 2 covers findings of on field activities, and Chapter 3 covers the findings on the research process. Chapter 4 brings together some of the main conclusions reached by the Review in a number of areas.


Shields, D.; Wyeth, J.; Gill, G. Research-into-use. An Independent Review. (2012) viii + 51 pp. + 315 pp. (annexes) pp.

Published 1 January 2012