Report on knowledge, attitudes and practices.


This survey looks at: Current knowledge/understanding, attitudes and practices (KAP) of target user communities (fishers and farmers/non-fishers) towards IFM in relation to its use and practice; Perceptions of the community members on issues related to recommended IFM options (fishing effort control, cropping pattern management, sluice gate management and land retirement) and to the extent suitable in their local situations; Attitudes and practices of key target groups towards proposed IFM solutions/options and interventions; Willingness to adopt new practices to improve management of natural resources for joint benefits from floodplains; Specific forms of IFM interventions favoured by the communities based on their local environment and resource use pattern; Means of communication suitable for promoting IFM options at the practitioner level; and Extent of communities' communications in relation to current floodplains management and future improvement.


M. Mokhlesur Rahman, M. Anisul Islam, Md. Matiar Rahman and Abu Suman. 2005. Report on knowledge, attitudes and practices. Annex E of the Final Technical Report of project R8306. Dhaka, Bangladesh: CNRS. 26 pp.

Report on knowledge, attitudes and practices.

Published 1 January 2005