Report on Africa Land and Infrastructure City Scan


This analysis of 31 major African cities shows the potential for concerted action by state and city, supported by international development agencies, to create a successful system of land-based financing in most cities. In addition, specific land-based financing instruments, ‘in kind’ contributions by developers specifically, have the potential to be applied almost anywhere if the developer is sufficiently sure of the market for the properties being developed. At the extreme, developers may build a complete system of infrastructure to serve their development. But this type of land-based financing instrument has limited application and other instruments are far more reliant on city, state and effective land management arrangements.

An important contribution from this research has been the development of the ALICS interactive web-based database. This has allowed for all the data to be stored in a way which is easily accessible to other users and it provides a tool for undertaking multi-criteria analysis. It has been developed to be expandable to include other cities and other data.


African Centre for Cities. Report on Africa Land and Infrastructure City Scan. African Centre for Cities, Cape Town, South Africa (2015) 34 pp.

Report on Africa Land and Infrastructure City Scan

Published 1 January 2015