Religion and Sustainable Development

This is a special issue of the journal 'The Review of Faith and International Affairs', featuring 15 articles and essays


The journal issues features articles and essays on religion and sustainable development which cover a variety of themes including health, gender and climate change:

  • Innovative Faith-Community Responses to HIV and AIDS: Summative Lessons from Over 2 Decades of Work

  • Getting dirty: Working with Faith Leaders to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence

  • Interventions with Local Faith Communities on Immunization in Development contexts

  • Faith Affiliation, Religiosity, and Attitudes Towards the Environment and Climate Change

  • Religion and Social Cooperation: Results from an Experiment in Ghana

  • Religion and Development: the Norwegian AID Discourse

  • Does AID Effectiveness Mean Repairing the World?: an Examination Of Tikkun Olam’s Implications for Modern AID Effectiveness Standards

  • Essay: Religion in Sustainable Development

  • Essay: High-Level Collaboration between the Public Sector and Religious and Faith-Based Organizations: Fad or Trend?

  • Essay: Sustainable Development and Religion: Accommodating Diversity in a Post-Secular age

  • Essay: Religion, Human Rights, and Development: Focusing on Health

  • Essay: Reflections on HIV-Related Experiences of 2 Global Funding Mechanisms Supporting Religious Health Providers

  • Essay: Lessons from the Faith-Driven Response to the West africa Ebola Epidemic

  • Essay: Negotiating a Language of Gender: SDG5 and the Roman Catholic Church

  • Review Essay: Is the Problem Really Religious Freedom?

This journal issue was supported by the Department for International Development’s Policy Research Fund


The Review of Faith and International Affairs. volume 14, issue 3 (2016)

The Review of Faith and International Affairs. volume 14, issue 3 (2016) (subscription or purchase of article required)

Published 6 September 2016