Registration for Biocontrol Agents in Kenya


Recognizing the need for legislative structure to ensure the sustainable development and commercial usage of biopesticides in Kenya, the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, in collaboration with the Pest Control Products Board and the Department for International Development Crop Protection Programme, hosted this three-day workshop at Nakuru, Kenya. The 17 papers in these proceedings are arranged in four sessions - Demand from the horticultural industry, Contribution of research in Africa, Registration in Africa and Registration in other countries. This important publication also includes, as Annexes finalized for legislation, application documents for the registration of microbial, macrobial and biochemical pest control products.


Wabule, M.N.; Ngaruiya, P.N.; Kimmins, F.K.; Silverside, P.J. Registration for Biocontrol Agents in Kenya. (2004) 230 pp. ISBN 0-9546452-2-7

Registration for Biocontrol Agents in Kenya

Published 1 January 2004