Reclamation of saline clay soils.


The manual describes the horizontal leaching technique. The procedure is a rapid and practical method that enables land reclamation engineers to restructure clay soils before leaching to remove the soil salts. The applied water and the removed salts are then conveyed away from the area via a drainage network.

The manual has been produced to:

  • Assist potential users to assess whether the technique is suitable for their particular salinity problem.

  • Provide sufficient technical information for users to implement the method.

The guide takes the user through the four main activities required for the practical application of the horizontal leaching technique:

1) Assessment of site suitability and pilot testing of methodology

2) Site preparation

3) Water application procedures

4) Monitoring and assessment

The manual also contains detailed appendices on relevant issues that must also be considered:

  • Soil salinity

  • Water and salt movement in clay soils

  • Causes of salinity

  • Review of clay soil reclamation techniques

  • Converting laboratory salinity measurements to plot-scale salt balances

  • Estimating soil hydraulic conductivity and machinery specification

  • Saline-sodic soils.


HR Wallingford and University of Southampton - Wallingford and Southampton. 1 898485 03 8 pp. 65

Reclamation of saline clay soils.

Published 1 January 1996