Quality rice seed production manual


The objective of this rice seed production manual is to contribute to improving the capacity to produce quality rice seed which meets the standards of the Uganda Seed Traders Association (USTA) in order to increase the productivity of rice in Uganda. The manual is a quick reference material for extension agents and farmers in the rice seed sector who are already involved in production or are planning to produce certified seed of rice. Normally, cultural operations for conventional crop production are similar to those for seed production but additional operations, such as isolation, roguing to ensure the quality of seeds make a great difference. Such seed quality control operations are conducted to make the seed true to type and to sustain the genetic potential of the intended variety.


Asea, G.; Onaga, G.; Phiri, N.A.; Karanja, D.K. Quality rice seed production manual. CABI Africa and NaCRRI, Nairobi, Kenya (2010) 86 pp.

Quality rice seed production manual

Published 1 January 2010