Prunus africana: a monograph


This monograph focuses on the various aspects regarding Prunus africana and is the first comprehensive publication on the subject. It contains 9 chapters providing information on the: importance as a multipurpose tree species; ecology and biology; management and harvesting procedures; propagation; pharmaceutical product obtained and its uses as traditional medicine; properties and uses as timber resource; conservation status and options; policy and regulatory frameworks; and recommendations for protecting and securing the Prunus resource. Details on its taxonomy, vernacular names and specimens cited in other texts are appended.


Prunus africana: a monograph. School of Agricultural and Forest Services Publication number 18, University of Wales, Bangor, UK. ISBN:1 84220 048 8. ISSN:0962-7766, 104 pp.

Prunus africana: a monograph

Published 1 January 2000